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  • Andrea massaging

  • Andrea massaging

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Advanced clinical massage treatments expertly tailored with love

Feel transformed – Andrea elegantly integrates powerful body-work, psychotherapy, and skillful touch with intuition creating a structurally sound and deeply effective restorative experience. Emotions are held in the body, and with Andrea’s intelligent and advanced clinical massage work, combined with talk, emotions are released and pain healed, thus freeing you to live a healthier more effective life.
Through Andrea’s attentive and respectful touch you can let go of the tensions you carry, you can be nourished, you can rest.

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Arrigo logo smlThe Arrigo Programme
A Feminine Approach to Spirituality
Residential Retreat, Tyringham Hall, Buckinghamshire UK

Fiona Arrigo introduces one of the world’s most highly acclaimed spiritual teachers, Miranda Macpherson. Guided by Miranda Macpherson, dive deep within, listen to your innate wisdom and learn to live daily life from deeper ground of being. The clarity, peace and precise guidance you need to live in spiritual integrity is already alive within you. Understand true feminine spirituality; know the value of feminine wisdom; dissolve stress patterns; open into receptivity; enter into deep relaxation.

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