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“Andrea can alleviate stress and tension like no other”

Even if just for a moment be inspired by a feeling of peace within a soothed soul, a spirit of wonder and a sense of awakening . Experience a truly made to measure holistic journey where you escape to a space and breathe in a long lasting sensation of wellness.

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Client Reviews 

“I have never felt so individually cared for. Andrea listens, her work is focused and her hands are amazing!”

“Having a mind and body overhaul and relieving stress and physical pain has never been so easy”

“Every treatment is created, focused, and given with love. Andrea Listens, she cares, she pays attention and she is interested in you.”

“Andrea can alleviate stress and tension like no other. Andrea’s massage helps release emotional tension and physical blockages in the body”

“Andrea’s massage is a unique experience, because you, and your unique personality and specific wellbeing objectives are the basis for each custom massage she creates”

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