Listen to the whispers of your body

Practicing as a psychotherapist and an advanced clinical massage and bodywork therapist, I work with a wide selection of clients by weaving together physiological, emotional and energetic elements. I have always believed that the alternative therapies often failed to consider mental and emotional health and that the talking therapies need to address the body. I understand that there is a whole ‘self’ behind the aches and pains of the client. There is much more going on than the needs of the muscle tissue on many dimensions – the physical, emotional, spiritual and the energetic. By facilitating clients on their journey, by attending to and paying attention to what their body needs, they discover that the body holds what the mind can’t bear knowing and feeling… In essence listening to the injury that the client may have tried to bury and unblocking the tension, so that the energy flows and the client leaves feeling like they can breathe again.

The body holds what the mind can’t bear knowing and feeling.

It is rare to have a combination of highly skilled massage therapist qualified in science and anatomy and pathologies of the body and being psychotherapeutically trained. Clients who are recommended to me look forward to an intense, focused and effective massage, an outstanding treatment of distinction where there is also that feeling of being cared for, listened to and attended to. There is an expectation of peacefulness and a connection to a tender touch. They desire to feel held and nourished and energetically soothed leaving them feeling worthy and loveable, able to feel alive and breathe life into their bodies.