In safe hands

Andrea_portrait_2014_bluetopLet your guard down and yield to every wish and whim – Often life’s traumatic experiences can get held in the body preventing it from functioning in its full and healthy capacity. The body loses its ability to rebalance and heal itself, getting stuck in unhealthy physical and behavioural patterns as a result.

Andrea who works with your body helps you to rebalance your body to become more self-regulating, allowing you to make more appropriate responses to given situations. Put in simple physiology, if your neuro-endocrine-immune system is functioning healthily, then your body can regulate itself so it knows when to rest, play and make love, or when to get ready to run away or fight. When in balance, your body won’t fight and argue unnecessarily, or become unnecessarily paralysed when an angry person threatens it.

Healing needs to start at your body’s core, working from the inside out, to effect lasting change in you, and therefore your life. By returning to your body’s natural balanced rhythms, through massage you can find more balance and regulation not only in yourself, but also in your family, and in your community.