“How we spend our days” by Justine Clement

how-we-spend-our-daysBy Justine Clement founder of @LearnShedLive  & @HappyPrizeCo

But my week, this week, has been a series of events and occurrences that I wanted to share, as you may want to try some of these yourself. It has also led me to understand, in part, that actually it’s not as hard as I first thought. So if you’re a doer like me, read on, because it is possible to ‘be’ whilst you ‘do’.

Monday began with a trip to see my dear friend Andrea Lucas, who has the most magical therapeutic hands. She invites you into her space and you never want to leave. Whilst it was a huge effort to get from Surrey to Harrow-on-the-Hill, once there, I can’t tell you how enveloping an experience it is. With an exquisite rose garden and space befitting of only the best 5* healing environments (think Daylesford in the Cotswolds), Andrea gave me the space to be, simply because I fell into such a state of bliss that I could think of nothing but her wonderful, healing hands and words. It was a place I felt I could entirely ‘be’.

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