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“One simple touch starts a ripple effect in the entire body.
It becomes the first step in healing.”

Ilana Rubenfield

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Andrea believes that memories and emotions reside in the body, resulting in energy blocks and inbalances. Her massage will help remove restrictions from your body to promote blood flow, bring elasticity to the tissues and will help emotional baggage come up and fizzle out – that is the feeling of tingling where the knots held in the muscles are being released. The integration of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational aspects of ‘being’ are essential to the heart of Andrea’s bodywork massage.

Your body is very clever – your body absorbs the stresses and strains of everyday life and protects you in ways that we are only barely beginning to understand. Contemporary psychotherapy and neuroscience are in agreement that the body has a ‘mind of its own’ – that it holds important emotional information and is willing to communicate with you if only one knew how to listen to it effectively.

You will be provided with the luxury you deserve and the highest standards of professionalism. Your experience is entirely personalised and whatever your needs or wishes Andrea’s bodywork experience will match your expectations. Experience a truly made to measure journey where each touch remains to be imagined.

Massage can be so many things

Massage can allow breakthrough from pain, injury or tightness, or be soothing and calming relieving headaches and insomnia, penetrating in its intensity, or delicate and subtly relaxing and sublime.
Massage can be sensational in the touch, instilling a new blissful energy, yet deep and releasing when properly applied, restoring good posture, easing joint mobility and boosting the immune system, and the very best massages will live in your memory forever.

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